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THE genesis  of  historical  events  lies  in human
beings.    The  real  birth   of ideas   takes place in
human brains.    The real reason why things happen is
that human beings have vitality.    From the historian's
point of view it is this that makes the world go round.
If we take all the individuals of France at a given moment
in 1789, they represent what  in one  respect  can be
regarded as so many separate wells of life,  so many
sources of decision and action.    And it is the bustling
activity of these people, the thoughts of their brains,.
their desires and self-assertiveness, their constant adjust-
ments to situations, that produce the events and inter-
actions which we call the French Revolution.   What
we find are human beings living their lives as we are
doing, and if we label the results of their escapades and
activities with some such term as the French Revolution,
and then go on to think of this French Revolution as a
" thing " with its causes and results—above all, if we